About Al2O3(Sapphire)

Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) is a amphoteric oxide of aluminium.

Usually it's called Alumina, it's naturally produced by corundum, ruby and sapphire,maily used as raw material of metal aluminium.Besides,it can also be used as polishing powder with the nature of its degree of hardness,infractory material with the nature its high melt point.

Sapphire single crystal for seimiconductor use is made by CZ,Kyropoulos and EFG methods. Sapphire wafer is used as LED substrate and laser substrate for optical device.

Furthermore,sapphire wafer is also used as window material to show high transmissivity in a wide frequency range from ultraviolet area to infrared area.


E&M Al2O3 Wafer's feature

Sapphire is a material which has good crystal characteristics and low-dielectric constant We can offer 2”,3”,4” epi-ready substrate and custom requirements such as off-orientation,both sides polished,thickness etc are also acceptable.


  • LED, Substrate for GaN


Diameter 2inch ~ 4inch
Orientation C(0001)0.2off±0.1°to m-axis
OF direction (11-20)±0.3°
OF length 2inch:16±0.5mm, 4inch:30±1.0mm
Thickness 2inch:430um, 4inch:650um
Finishing One side epi polished
Bow ≦10um (2inch)
TTV ≦10um (2inch)