About GaP

GaP (Gallium Phosphide) is a orange-yellow semi-translucent material, which is made by direct reaction of galliium and phosphide or reaction by oxide gallium and phosphide at temperature of 900~1000C.

Specific gravity is 4.13,melt point is 1465C, dielectric constant is 9.1,energy range is 2.2eV. GaP has the semiconductor charecteristics as other III-V compounds materials therefore can be used for display elements of various visible light emmition diode as well as illumination (yellow and green) of mobile phone.

E&M GaP Wafer's feature

  • We offer 2inch and 3inch GaP wafer.


  • Opto device : Visible LED such as display element(red,green) and backlight of LCD(yellow, green) etc.


  • Liquid Encapsulated Czochralski (LEC)


Type/Dopant N-type/S,Si,P-type/Zn
Un-doped also available
Diameter 2inch ~ 3inch
Orientation (100), (111), (110)
Other special orientation or off angle also available.
Finishing Single side mirror polished, Double sides mirror polished, as-cut
Thickness 250-1000um
Thickness (1-10)E18cm-3
EPD <1E5cm-2