Advantage of Solar cell which is enviromentally-friendly

About Solsr Cell

Solar Power

Solar power,good for environment.

Think much of resource. 太陽光発電

We use various energies in our lives and most of these energies are dependent on fossil fuel which now at a crisis of exhaustion.

Moreover,various kinds of nature disasters happened on earth were also said the cause of global warming.

To help to avoid the resource crisis and global warming,that's solar power which is using sun light.

Solsr Cell's Structure

Solar cell,minimum unit of photovoltaic,has a structure which jointed with P-type and N-type semiconductor.When put light towards solar cell,then light energy will be converted to electric power due to photovoltaic effect,that's how electricity generated.


Environment & merit

Environment & merit prevention of world waarming by sleimination of CO2 prevention of world waarming by sleimination of CO2

Fossil fuel like petrolium are used to generate electric power.More fossil fuel consumed,more CO2 exhaust.
Meanwhile sunlight-using nature energy will not generate CO2 at all.If replace it with fossil fuel,then restrained amount of CO2 can equal to approx 891m2 forest(when using a 3KW system).It means forest can be increased when using a solor power system.

It can also be used at the time of nature disasters. Expection of utilization lifeline at the time of desaster

Even the power is off due to earthquake or typhoon,electricity generated by solar power can still be used.Therefore use of solar power is being expected to be a lifeline in extreme situations.