Solar Panel

About Solar Panel

Solar panel is also called photovoltaic module or solar module.which is formed by connecting numerous solar cells.

Solar cells connected each other in serial-parallel are packed in EVA(ethylene vinyl acetate) and due to fragility of cell, tempered glass is used on the surface of solar panel to enhance durability.

In photovoltaic power generation system, in order to get necessary and sufficient power, on the consideration of roof form, roof direction, well-receiving of sunshine and width etc to select and use a suitable solar panel.

Solar panel includes silicon group and compound group.
Mainly silicon group includes mono-crystal silicon type and multi-crystal silicon type.Besides, there are adjunctively amorphous silicon type and hybrid type as well, each type has different characteristic.

Further, compound group includes GaAs type, CIS type, CIGS type and CdTe type. Organic group includes dye-sensitized type and organic thin film semiconductor type.

However, practical application of coumpound group has just started and main stream is still silicon-used solar panel.