About InSb

InSb (Indium Antimonide) is a III-V group single crystal compound material with zincblende structure.

InSb is a direct transition semiconductor with a narrow bandgap of 0.17eV (room temperature),mainly used as infrared detector element for infrared thermographic,thermal imaging camera and homing missile;hall element and magnetoresistance effect element etc.

E&M InSb Wafer's feature

According to customer's required specification,we can meet your needs in a variety areas from small volume for R&D to mass production.
Besides,special orientation products like (111),(110) and (311) are also available.


Growth CZ
Type/Dopant N-type/Te, Un-doped, P-type/Ge
Diameter 2inch ~ 4inch
Orientation (100)・(110)・(111)~(611) 
For other orientation and off-orientation,please ask us.
Finishing Single side mirror polished, Double sides mirror polished, Epi-ready
For other treatment,please ask us.
Thickness 2inch :625um, 3inch :800/900um, 4inch :1000um
For other thickness,please ask us.
Others For career concentration, resistivity, mobility, it can be specified within the allowable range.