About InP

Indium Phosphide(InP) is the compound of Indium and Phosphide.

Compared with GaAs or GaP,InP single crystal substrate has larger lattice constant,therefore it is possible to grow epitaxial like InGaAs,AlInAs,InGaAsP and AlGAINAs etc by matching the lattice on substrate(unifying lattice constant).

By combining these materials,it's possible to produce light-receiving and emitting device for light communication, super-fast transistor and resonance tunneling diode.

E&M InP Wafer's feature

According to customer's required specification,we can meet your needs in a variety areas from small volume for R&D to mass production.
Besides,special orientation products like (111),(110) and (311) are also available.


Growth LEC
Type/Dopant N-type/S・Sn・Un-doped, P-type/Zn, Semi-Insulating/Fe
Diameter 2inch
Orientation (100)・(110)・(111)~(611)
For other orientation and off-orientation,please ask us.
Finishing Single side mirror polished, Double sides mirror polished, Epi-ready
For other treatment,please ask us.
Thickness 2inch: 350or500um,
For other thickness,please ask us.
Others For career concentration, resistivity, mobility, it can be specified within the allowable range.