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Silicon Wafer

Silicon Wafer

  • E&M Silicon Wafer's feature

We offer various silicon wafers on our private-label,which are processed with our well experienced know-how.
We currently supply our wafers to many makers, universities and public offices.

Silicon WaferSilicon Wafer2

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Monitor Wafer

Monitor/Dummy Wafer
  • E&M Monitor Wafer's feature

We provide a large variety of silicon wafers. Especially, regarding 6inch or smaller sizes, we can meet wider needs. The quality of our wafers as monitor for particle check and process check is guaranteed.

  • Size: 2inch~ 12inch

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Dummy Wafer

モニターDummy Wafer
  • E&M Dummy Wafer's feature

We have a large variety of dummy wafers. Especially, we can meet all your needs regarding 6inch or smaller sizes. The dummy wafers provided by us are guaranteed in quality for delivery check and process check, which can satisfy your request.

  • Size:2inch ~ 12inch

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Prime Wafer

Prime Wafer
  • E&M Prime Wafer's feature

We offer mainly P+ N+ (heavy doped) wafers with customer's special requirement.

  • Size: 3inch ~ 6inch

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FZ Wafer

  • E&M FZ Wafer's feature

We provide NTD wafers radiated by neutron and FZ silicon wafers with low purity doped for power device and solar cells in addition to high frequency IC and MEMS.
We can meet your needs from R&D to mass production.

  • Size: ~8inch

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Epi Wafer

Epi Wafer
  • E&M Epi Wafer's feature

We offer high-quality and custom epitaxial wafers.

  • Standard specification of epitaxial layer
  • Prime Wafer

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Film Wafer

Firm Wafer
  • E&M Film Wafer's feature

We offer film formation service such as metal film and thermally-oxidized film etc.

  • Size: 2inch ~ 12inch
(reference example)
  • Thermally-oxidized film, Si3N4film, TEOS, BPSG, Cu film, Al film, Ti film, Ta film, TaN film, TiN film etc.
  • For photolithography process, we can produce mask with customer's requirement and also offer patterning process with standard mask as well.

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Others, Special Specification

Others, Special Specification
  • Others, Special Specification

We also offer wafers with customer's special requirement such as 100um thickness, (110) orientation, LM processing and so on for R&D needs.

  • Size: 2inch ~ 6inch

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