LPE growth processing

About LPE

Liquid Phase Epitaxy (LPE) is one of epitaxial growth methods as well as vapor-phase growth and molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). It's said that LPE growth is much more difficult than other growth methods because it depends on liquid solution.

Furthermore,there are gradient method,dipping method and slideboat method for LPE growth.

Compound semiconductor processing service

E&M makes every endeavor to meet the needs from R&D Dept for fundamental experiment, trial production within a short leadtime, or problem check before formal trial experiment. To achieve this goal we have installed the equipment and developed technology for "anything-goes" on our own investment.

We can offer LPE growth with design and manufacture of exclusive crystal growth boat to maximum 2inch. Process equipments are Sputter, Contact Aligner and Plusma Etcher.

Please see below our available process and specification.Please contact us for R&D and trail production.

LPELPEPAPlusma etcher

Available process and specification

Process Secured equipment Maximum wafer diameter Sepcification Remark
Crystal growth LPE 2inch GaAs、AlGaAs Current boat: 2×4㎠
For single layer growth
Deposition Sputter 3inch SiO2、Si3N4、ZnO、Ti、Pd、Ni、Pt、Cr、Al、Ag、Au For others the purchase of target material is necessary.
Photoengraving Contact aligner 2inch Minimum line range approx 10μm  
Dry etching Plusma etcher 4inch SiO2、SiN Use CF4 gas