SOI Wafer Products


  • We offer SOI wafer, Si-Si bonded wafer and SOI processed wafer (dielectrically-isolated wafer etc) as the exclusive agent in Japan of ICEMOS TECHNOLOGY, U.K. based producer.
  • ICEMOS TECHNOLOGY has been offering world-class custom SOI solutions for more than ten years since the former BCO Technologies.
  • We can response to various needs such as R&D in small volume and mass production.
  • For more details about ICEMOS TECHNOLOGY,please visit their website:

Bonded SOI Wafer

Bonded SOI Wafer come in the following types.

  • 【Bonded SOI Wafer】
  • [Structure]

貼り合せSOI Wafer
  • 【Multilayer SOI Wafer】
  • Three-layered,four-layered SOI wafer are available
  • Structure: Three-layered
貼り合せSOI Wafer