Monitor Wafer

About Monitor Wafer

Monitor wafers are the wafers to be used in the case that an adjustment is required in each production step prior to the actual IC production.
For example, when the conditions of each process are set, such as the case of measuring tolerance of device against ( the variation of ) substrate thickness, monitor wafers are being used as a substitution of high-standard and high value wafers.
Moreover, they are also used for the monitoring purpose in the process together with product wafers. Monitor wafers are necessary wafer materials as important as product prime wafers.
They are also called as test wafers together with dummy wafers.

E&M Monitor Wafer's feature

We provide a large variety of silicon wafers. Especially, regarding 6inch or smaller sizes, we can meet wider needs. The quality of our wafers as monitor for particle check and process check is guaranteed.

  • Size: 2inch ~ 12inch